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I'm Ali Kirilov and I was born on September 19, 2002. My love for programming started in 2016 and led me to web development. I am familiar with technologies such as PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and Django. However, I am delving deeper into studying Python in order to be knowledgeable in the fields of robotics and AI. I created a voice assistant within 5 days while still managing my school responsibilities. I am eager to learn and grow and enjoy reading technical journals and attending webinars. My goal is to become a highly skilled developer in the field of AI and robotics. I hope that my skills and knowledge will help me achieve this goal and make the world a better place. I started working in 2020 as a technician and progressed to becoming an assistant network administrator by the end of 2021. I have a strong background in network operations, server administration, hardware components, Cisco products, HPE Switches, LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP ), Active Directory, Windows Server, firewalls, virtual machines, routing and switching. Currently, I am studying Python. My professional skills and knowledge have greatly expanded, enabling me to solve technical issues and perform IT-related tasks. I can provide consultation and support for all kinds of hardware and software issues and I have a proven track record of successfully troubleshooting and resolving technical issues in a timely manner.

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