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Опубликована 3 дня назад

Marketing analyst

IT, интернет, связь, телеком
90 000 - 120 000 ₽
От 1 года
Elly Analytics is looking for specialists with experience in marketing analytics and Power BI for the end-to-end analytics service Elly Analytics.


  • Experience of working with external clients and build reports for them;
  • Experience in marketing analytics (you can build a sales funnel and come up with how to calculate it);
  • Creating reports and visualize data in Power BI;
  • SQL at the level of simple queries;
  • Experience with web analytics (GA UA, GA4, GTM) and advertising offices (Google Ads, FB/Instagram, VK, MyTarget, Yandex.Direct);
  • English language at Intermediate level or higher, Russian native speaker.


  • This role means a lot of work with clients for understand their business needs and data structure then to create together with developers team automatic reporting. This vacancy not about ML and neural networks;
  • Manage integration and development projects for Elly's end-to-end analytics clients in a team with a manager and other analysts, from planning to handing over the project for support:
  • Understand what reports the client needs and understand their data; Create report prototypes; Compile technical specifications for customizing the client's external systems; Configure data import, figure out how to combine data from different systems, and calculate the necessary client metrics; Visualize data in Power BI; Prepare project documentation; Manage support projects and improve them according to client requests.


  • Remote work;
  • Must be available 5 days a week and have at least 5 working hours overlap with the team and clients;
  • Salary net from $1000 to $1600 depending on the interview and internship results. In the future, you can become a senior and earn more - from $2000 to $3000;
  • Vacation twice a year for 2 weeks each + holidays;
  • Work laptop, software, and anything else you may need for work;
  • Employment through a Deel contract;
  • Payment of half the cost of reasonable training activities.