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За 5 лет прошла путь от бизнес-аналитика до руководителя проекта в IT. Реализовала крупные проекты в сфере IT в США. Работала в Sony Music, A&E Network, CITI Bank, Dentsue. Специализируюсь на организации работы всех бизнес-процессов вне зависимости от этапа. I’ve built my career in a variety of roles and industries, and understand management from different perspectives. Coordinating the development process in all project phases from idea to release and managing remote teams is what I enjoy doing. As a Scrum Master I taught the team to be more organized and productive by helping them to understand the agile process, identify the gaps and remove impediments on their own. As a result, we achieved an on-time delivery rate of 95%. I believe in the power of open communication and a personal approach to build trusted relationships with developers in order to maximize the success of projects. Having spent a great deal of time in a multicultural workplace, I appreciate people's values and viewpoints, and I easily connect with people from different countries. I have always been motivated by the challenge of connecting multiple moving pieces of a project and creating an organized, efficient schedule. I feel a deep sense of accomplishment achieving each milestone, and I analyze where I can improve on the next project.
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английский язык - свободное владение
русский язык - свободное владение
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