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Specialist in internet marketing and promotion of goods and services online. Experience over 10 years. In addition to Internet marketing, I have the knowledge and experience of SEO promotion. I know and apply UX/UI skills. I have extensive experience in setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns, searching for new promotion channels. For the last 4 years he has been working as a leading Digital marketer (luxury segment - sale of boats and yachts, related services). I consider the main achievement to be the creation and implementation of the company's marketing concept, setting up the CRM and end-to-end analytics, and as a result, the growth in traffic to the company's websites, the increase in the number of leads and sales. Before that, I had my own business that was successfully sold after 4 years of work (kite school) and several projects related to the promotion of products on the Internet (outdoor advertising, car sales and service, dental services). Worked as a brand manager for 6 years. I was involved in all these sales (from pricing to sales to retail customers), marketing (from strategy formation to optimization). Now I am interested in working with the field of Internet marketing and product promotion in the network, project or on an ongoing basis.


Digital Marketing
Internet Marketing
Marketing Analysis
Marketing Strategy Development

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английский язык - средний
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