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My name is Ruslan, I speak English fluently, and in addition I studied French and German at my university. I’m studying international relations, I graduated from the university, and I have completed my bachelor degree, now I continue my studying, because as it is said "studying is life". I had an internship in the public of our university, my duties included writing news, advertising my posts and promoting the public. I handled these tasks better than everyone else, as long as my posts gained the greatest number of views and likes. I also combined my studies with a part-time job at Wifire (Megafon company) - working in the field of active sales gave me the essential skills that will definitely help me in my future work. I also worked in the CRM program for Megafon, in which it was necessary to track the client's connection status, moreover I was trained to work with the SAP program for the international company ATOS. I am a decisive person, and I can easily cope with challenges and I always overcome every new challenge with great enthusiasm, I am always attentive to work, friendly and sociable! I am such a person that if you ask me a question that I do not know the answer to, I will answer that I do not know it. But believe me, I know how to find it, this answer, and I will find it. Isn't that the vital feature?


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английский язык - высокий
русский язык - свободное владение
немецкий язык - начальный
французский язык - начальный
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