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Team management

О себе

Knowledge, attributes, skills, inspiration that I have, gave me a good experience of fulfilling several projects. I consider myself a committed team player that also relishes challenges and readily assumes responsibility and accountability in a personal performance role where initiative is vital. I can add value and make a worthwhile contribution to the company’s growth with essentials which I have gained during my past service career. My attitude and temperament best suit the nature of the job I am fulfilling. I am eager to enter a new working environment. I would like the opportunity to contribute to the efficient operation of a company/project and to earn advancement through on-the-job performance. International Communication Department Assistant, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, 2000 | Yerevan, Armenia Assistant of the Mayor’s Advisor, Municipality, 2004 | Yerevan, Armenia TV Program Editor, Youth Theatre, 2006 | Yerevan, Armenia PR and Events manager, Elite Life magazine, 2007 | Yerevan, Armenia PR and Events manager, Elite Life magazine, 2012 | Dubai, UAE Event coordinator, Event Group 2014 | Yerevan, Armenia Booking manager, Chardonnay Boutique hotel, 2017 | Tbilisi, Georgia Manager, Chardonnay Boutique hotel, 2017 | Tbilisi, Georgia Deputy manager, Cascade hotel, 2 Corporate Events manager, Event Group, 2019 | Yerevan, Armenia Front of House manager, Expo2020 | Dubai, UAE Project manager Background Production, 2022 | Yerevan, Armenia

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