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Farcana is a shooting championship for heroes who compete in teams to earn Bitcoin. Battles are in exciting tournaments with state-of-the-art weapons. A unique attribute of the Farcana Gaming is the interweaving of the Play-to-Hash (P2H) model as an integral part of the in-game economy. The P2H model is designed to use Bitcoin mining rewards to ensure a consistent reward stream. Additionally, Farcana offers a Play-to-Own component. This feature means players who spend time leveling up their in-game (NFT) assets can have the potential to increase their asset value. Players can be recognized for their contributions: time, effort, and money. In return, players can own, earn, and win in the Farcana Gaming Metaverse.

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Farcana создает многопользовательский PVP-шутер от 3-го лица для ПК и консолей в sci-fi сеттинге, с ориентацией на киберспорт. Игра разрабатывается на Unreal Engine 5. Они хотят создать продукт AAA-уровня, способный внести инновации в игровую индустрию.